Ultrasounds for industrial cleaning

Ultrasounds for industrial cleaning


UltrasoundUltrasounds Ecologic Energy for a perfect clean

ULTRASONIC INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING of Milan City (Italy) is one of the world’s leading suppliers of state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology. Sample applications are welding, cleaning, screening, high-powered ultrasonic reactors and various special applications.

Ultrasounds Power Digital Pulsatron Technology .. made in italy, of course

Our History

ULTRASONIC ITALY Ultrasonics Cleaners was founded in 1992. Less than a year after its initial founding, ULTRASONIC I.E. introduced its first ultrasonic generator with automated frequency control. With this innovation, the manufacture and distribution of ULTRASONIC I.E. ultrasonic cleaning equipment had begun.

In 1993, the rapid growth of the plastics industry resulted in an increase in the demand for equipment capable of assembling plastic parts. ULTRASONIC I.E. decided to venture into this sector in the new field of ultrasonic plastic welding.

ULTRASONIC I.E. quickly became a technology leader in this field. In 1999 a ULTRASONIC I.E. subsidiary was established in Vignate, another in Marcallo of casone (near Milan) and in Opera City, followed a few years later by branches in Germany, USA and England.

servizio venditeOngoing research, modern production facilities and highly qualified personnel have enabled ULTRASUONI INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING to build a reputation as a leader in the development of new and innovative solutions in ultrasonic ultrasounds cleaning, ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic powder processing and special ultrasonic applications.

With our experience in developing unique solutions to challenging applications, ULTRASONIC I.E. has a wide range of systems that cover practically every ultrasonic processing technology.

Our Company Philosophy

Simplicity in all thinks in industrial sectors and Constantly improving with all clients.

Ultrasounds Technicals Operators at work for You !Experts in Ultrasonic Applications !

Long experiences in all Ultrasonics Cleanings Applications, in medical, dental, jewellery, prism and lens for optical, mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, thermotecnic, foundry aluminum molds, plast and rubber productions (matrices and moulding).


Ultrasuoni Industrial Engineering di Milano è tra i migliori produttori italiani di lavatrici ad ultrasuoni, impianti di lavaggio, macchine ad ultrasuoni, robot e automazione dei cicli di pulizia ad ultrasuoni, detergenti e prodotti per la pulizia ultrasonora. Sin dal 1992 la ULTRASUONI, nome con il quale siamo conosciuti nel mondo da vent'anni, progetta e costruisce e installa direttamente presso i clienti, laboratori e industrie, macchine e tecnologie avanzate di lavaggio con ultrasuoni e detergenti ecologici. Il nostro vanto di italianità include il produrre ma anche e maggiormente, il fatto di studiare e creare sempre nuove e più moderne soluzioni nel settore del Lavaggio e degli Ultrasuoni.

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