Lavare titanio medico con gli ultrasuoni

englishPulse Sweep Sonic System for cleaning and degreasing metal parts, mold, titanium and stainless steel

The ULTRASUONI range of Mould Cleaning systems can be used with Extrusion, Die-Casting and Press Tools to remove plastic and rubber residues.Previously cleaning involved a manual process involving abrasives.

Not only was this time consuming but abrasion could cause damage to precision edges, profiles and surfaces.

The ULTRASUONI IE ultrasonic Mould Cleaning systems use an aqueous process which “searches” the intricate areas of the tooling. Since no solvents are used, the process is better for personnel and the environment.

Short and simple wash process:

No manual labour required
High level of cleanliness
No abrasion of precise edges and surfaces
No solvents used Suitable for all moulds – large and small User friendly process and machinery
We supply ultrasonic mould cleaners from 40 litres to 3000 litres.

Standard features include:

Totally stainless steel construction
Thermal and noise insulation
Low fluid level protection
Thermostat controlled heating
Drain valve Water inlet valve
Work support grills or bars
Rim lip ventilation channels
Protective guide rails Immersible transducer boxes

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